Friends of Kris Murray ready for June 25th fundraiser

Kris Murrays big fundraiser is coming up on June 25th at the Diamond Club at Angel Stadium. Her host committee contains quite the collection of interesting characters.

1. Matt Cunningham - discredited blogger and supporter of pedophile priest protector John Urell. Also known for outing sex abuse victims. Currently he is working for The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce for which he writes Read all about his past here: 

Matt Cunningham

Matt Cunningham

2. Steven Chavez Lodge - named one of 2012's Scariest People by OC Weekly

Steve Lodge

Steve Lodge

"Steve Lodge has gone by Steve Lodge professionally for decades, but when he announced an Anaheim City Council run this year, he decided to use Steve Chavez Lodge. (Chavez is his birth surname.) The reason for the sudden Mexican love? Anaheim has a huge Latino electorate but no Latino council members. Activists sued to prohibit Lodge from using his newfound name for the election; they lost. But Lodge can't escape his past as a dirty Santa Ana cop who beat up a jaywalker so badly a federal jury fined him $612,000. And there was also the 2001 case in which Lodge had a man wrongfully imprisoned for murder for more than a year—until prosecutors dropped all charges Meanwhile, Lodge's campaign signs keep getting tagged with "pocho," which is Mexican Spanish for "Steve Lodge." 

3. Kerry Condon - head of the APA who lied and distorted the truth regarding civilian oversight. Read all about his actions here: 

Kerry Condon

Kerry Condon

4. Jill Kanzler - the leader of Screw Our Anaheim Residents (SOAR). This groups sole mission is to divert as much tax revenue to Disney related projects. 


Jill Kanzler

Jill Kanzler

5. Bill O'Connell - the wealthy out of town developer that managed to manipulate the corrupt council majority, with the help of Curt Pringle, to secure $158 miliion in future tax revenue to build two privately owned hotels.

Bill O'Connell

Bill O'Connell

6. Curt Pringle - The Master of the Universe and the man responsible for the financial state the city was in when Mayor Tait took over. He is also the mastermind behind the $158 million GardenWalk Hotel Giveaway, the $319 million Disney streetcar, the $184 million ARTIC train station, the Platinum "ghost town" Triangle mess, and countless other wastes of taxpayer funds.

Curt Pringle

Curt Pringle

7. Bill Taormina - a man who has made his millions off of government contracts. A man who told me that "My financial support of Lodge came early and I cannot un-ring that bell. I wish he would have told me about his past. However, as a direct result of this lack of disclosure, and, the recent attacks on you, I have resolved NEVER to donate another penny to ANY political candidate in Anaheim or anywhere else."

So much for promises Bill.

Bill Taormina

Bill Taormina

Pringle and his sycophants apply for Charter Review Commission

1. Curt Pringle - the master behind these enormous wastes of taxpayer funds: 

Curt and Alexis Pringle

Curt and Alexis Pringle

a. $158 million GardenWalk Hotel Giveaway

b. $319 million Disney streetcar

c. $184 million ARTIC train station

d. Bike Nation

e. The Platinum Triangle aka Anaheim's ghost town

 2. Steve Chavez Lodge - dirty cop who was named one of OC Weekly's Scariest People of 2012.

Read more a about Mr. Lodge here: 

Steve Lodge and Matt Cunningham

Steve Lodge and Matt Cunningham

3. Sandy Day -  resident cheerleader of SOAR (Disney) aka Suck Our Anaheim Resources. 

Sandy Day

Sandy Day

4. Todd Ament - CEO of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and client of Matt Cunningham who runs their Cunningham is know for supporting pedophile priest protector John Urell and outing sex abuse victims.

Todd Ament

Todd Ament

5. Amanda Edinger - Save Anaheim found plenty of online posts that shows Mrs. Edigner has issues with latino immigrants. 

"Stop handing out benefits, cut the automatic birthright, cut education and impose heavy fines on employees that hire them." - Amanda Edinger

Amanda Edinger

Amanda Edinger

 6. Craig Farrow - founding member of SOAR (Disney) aka Screw Our Anaheim Residents and supporter of the $158 million GardenWalk Hotel Giveaway. 

Craig Farrow

Craig Farrow

7. Keith Olesen - member of ANA. Check out this video of Keith talking about the priorities of the Anaheim City Council back in 2011:

City Council gives 1% of $9.6 million to Steve Lodge

By Gabriel San Roman

The elections in anaheim may be over, but the current council still has some f%#%# up to do! 

Take Tuesday's meeting, where it once again became crystal clear that being an increasingly "business friendly," more freedom, less government kind of town doesn't extend to those who have side hustles out of necessity to make ends meet. They get code enforcement instead!


In a unanimous vote, the Anaheim city council tackled one of its supposedly most pressing "quality of life" issues. Reigning in slum lords with rent control? Nah. Repaving shitty roads? Nah. A living wage for hotel workers? Hell to the nah! Tackling the "great menace" of garage sales? You betcha.

Read the full story here:

Anaheim OKs another $9.6 million


With no solid answers on:

a. how the streetcar project will effect traffic on Katella Avenue

b. if the operating costs will affect the general fund

c. how the project will be ultimately paid for

The council majority and Lorri Galloway voted to pay $9.6 million to Steve Lodge's company Hill International for environmental studies and project development. Steve Lodge, who's wife just happens to be good friend with council member Kris murray, will get over $90,000 for brokering the deal.

It certainly pays to be friends with corrupt council member Kris Murray.

Who Is Anaheim Leadership Really Serving?

By Cynthia Ward

On the Consent Calendar, Item 11 appears to be an example of crony capitalism at its finest, with over 9 1/2 million dollars in public funds going to the social network of some Council members and the Public Works Director.

Staff’s recommendation 

appears to be leapfrogging special friends at Hill International Inc. into the number one slot for the new streetcar system crammed through the meat grinder of public policy during the last Council meeting. The ink has barely dried on that decision, and already Natalie Meeks has selected the favorable contractor to move forward on the studies.  Despite some findings of Hill having some potential financial troubles, they were chosen over other companies that applied, including Parsons Brinkerhoff, a company sucking through enough High Speed Rail money to never file another negative balance sheet again in their lives. Hill assures us that their troubles are merely temporary, linked to the trouble in Libya that has halted work. I’ve got news for Hill, the trouble in Libya is unlikely to be temporary.


But when we are promoting Anaheim’s new cottage industry of special interest at its best, why let facts get in the way?

Hill International is a big company. So despite the close personal friendships between Natalie Meeks, Kris Murray, and Hill employees Steve Chavez Lodge and his new wife, I am sure it is merely a coincidence they are being chosen. In a company that large, anyone could be the direct beneficiary of the new project. Right?

A quick look at the big company of Hill International reveals some startling information.

At the two pre-bid meetings June 16, 2011

And June 4, 2012

held by the City of Anaheim for businesses interested in working on the Anaheim Rapid Connect program, only Steve Lodge and his wife appeared to represent Hill International. Lodge’s wife is an Executive who appears to work on salary, so she gets paid whether the company nails this job or not. Lodge on the other hand…..

Steven Albert Chavez Lodge submitted his Contract with Hill International to the court system, as evidence related to that recent unpleasantness between us. Therefore the Contract is now part of the public record, anyone can go into Judge Margines’ public records online and see the evidence Lodge submitted. (it was thrown out, but he did submit it.)

Lodge’s contract specifies that he will receive 1% of new work he brings in as a “finder’s fee”, see below.

lodge offer

Again, Hill is a big company, I am sure that plenty of professionals are feeding them opportunities for new contracts. Hill is sure of it too, they have a system in place, to ensure that their people are appropriately credited with the “find.”

lodge direct report

That the contract Natalie Meeks is pushing to sign with Hill is directly attributed to Mike Smith, Steve Lodge’s direct report, is merely a coincidence I am sure. That the only individuals to represent Hill International during previous meetings for this project have been Steve Lodge and/or his wife may be mere coincidence as well.

And should Steve Lodge be the individual who “registered” this “opportunity” with Hill, and stands to make that 1% finder’s fee, again, there is nothing illegal in that. He is entitled to earn a living. And 1% of $9,612,332 is a very nice living indeed.

But if one considers the possibility-indeed the probability-of Steve Lodge being the one earning that finder’s fee, then one must naturally also consider the possibility that his candidacy for City Council may have affected the timing for approving this project.

Is it possible that Anaheim’s citizenry was force fed an ill conceived transportation project over the very reasonable objections of a cautious Mayor, not because the project needed to move forward for the good of Anaheim, but because the Contract needed to be awarded before Lodge was potentially elected to office and therefore forced to declare a conflict of interest?

One expects that when a deal for over nine and a half million dollars is on the line, Hill International’s Mike Smith might very well be on hand during the City Council meeting this evening, to answer questions. And one of the questions from Council should probably be whether or not Steve Lodge submitted the ARC project as a “registered opportunity”, therefore calling dibs on the commission should the project pan out with work for Hill.

If Mr. Smith’s answer is yes, Hill should still be considered for the project. And Lodge should still be paid his 1% finder’s fee, he worked for it. But we should also look long and hard at the process which Natalie Meeks used to determine how her friends at Hill International were chosen as the best company for the project, especially in light of their documented financial problems. And in light of this information we should also question the speed with which Natalie Meeks and Kris Murray pushed a project over the reasonable request for a short delay made by Mayor Tom Tait.

Are we doing what is best for the people of Anaheim? Or are we doing what is best for the friends of our leaders?

11. Approve a Professional Services Agreement with Hill International, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $9,612,332, for the Anaheim Rapid Connection fixed-guideway project, and authorize the Public Works Director to issue a Notice to Proceed for the environmental and project development activities and a Notice to Proceed for preliminary engineering upon approval by the FTA to begin that phase.


25. Establish an ad hoc council working group that would assist City staff on the negotiation of the City’s lease with Angel’s Baseball.


Placed on the agenda at the request of Council member Kris Murray. Here is yet another play by our Council majority to overstep Anaheim’s business model in what looks like a blatant power grab. The negotiations with Enterprise Businesses are traditionally the purview of the City Manager’s office, and indeed our City Manager is the former finance director, so nobody in the City is more familiar with the deal points of that particular agreement. Why is Murray insisting on stepping into a role that is outside the authority of City Council members? And will a photographer and press agent be involved?

26. Approve and adopt new Council Policy 1.7 relating to appointments to regional boards and commissions.

Once again, an item placed on the Agenda at the request of Council member Kris Murray, always a red flag for me anymore. On the surface it makes sense, it appears that Murray is asking for a requirement that Anaheim appointees to regional boards be Anaheim residents. But given the recent division, let’s look further. First of all, Murray already has some voice in a number of these appointments, if they are subject to a Council majority vote. So I suspect this is linked to an attempt to tie the hands of Mayor Tait on those appointments that are traditionally the Mayor’s choice, outside of Council input.

Frankly it is none of her business and Kris Murray needs to either butt out of the Mayor’s office or run for election to it, but until 2014 she needs to stop trying to run Tait’s office from her end of the dais. For that reason alone I say this should probably not be approved.

Second of all, these are regional boards. That means Tait is not appointing an Anaheim person to look after Anaheim, but appointing representatives to look out for the best interest of the region which Anaheim is a part of. And on that level, it seems foolish to constrain Mayors of the future from tapping into the knowledge of someone who might offer expertise on a subject that benefits the entire area as a whole. Given a choice between putting a transportation expert from Yorba Linda on an OCTA board, vs an Anaheim leader with no background, let’s use the brain trust that future leadership might be offering.

What I find especially galling is that anytime we want to put boundaries on something the Council majority wants to do, we are told it is “irresponsible” to tie the hands of future Councils. But if there is something they want to limit the Mayor on, there seems to be no hesitancy to tie his hands, and those of future Mayors, to get something they want.

I am not sure what the back story is on this proposal by Council member Murray. I only smell a rat.

Stay tuned for tonight’s meeting, which can be seen online at or attend in person, beginning at 5 pm, at City Hall 200 S. Anaheim Blvd in the downtown area.

Lodge named one of OC's Scariest People of 2012!


Steve Lodge has gone by Steve Lodge professionally for decades, but when he announced an Anaheim City Council run this year, he decided to use Steve Chavez Lodge. (Chavez is his birth surname.) The reason for the sudden Mexican love? Anaheim has a huge Latino electorate but no Latino council members. Activists sued to prohibit Lodge from using his newfound name for the election; they lost. But Lodge can't escape his past as a dirty Santa Ana cop who beat up a jaywalker so badly a federal jury fined him $612,000. And there was also the 2001 case in which Lodge had a man wrongfully imprisoned for murder for more than a year—until prosecutors dropped all charges Meanwhile, Lodge's campaign signs keep getting tagged with "pocho," which is Mexican Spanish for "Steve Lodge." Mitigating factor: His brother is KLAA-AM 830 morning show host Roger Lodge.

Brandman and his pal Lodge

Brandman and his pal Lodge

What's wrong Lodge? Chicken?

After lying twice to the OC GOP Central Committee, Pringle's baton happy candidate Steve Lodge decided to withdraw his request for endorsement.

Notice "Chavez" is missing from his name badge.

Lucille Kring received the 1st endorsement and tonight Brian Chuchua received the 2nd GOP endorsement. Congratulations Brian!

Brian Chuchua pictured on right with Mayor Tom Tait.

Pants. On. Fire. Calling Out Steven Lodge

"Kring brought up Lodge’s contributions to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and the allegations that Lodge committed police brutality.

CW: They are more than allegations-the LA Timesand court records show a jury judgment of $612,000 in an excessive force case against Lodge while serving as a Santa Ana Police officer. $500,000 of that settlement was in punitive damages, for the beating of Hossein Farahani, who suffered head injuries requiring 6-8 stitches and a ruptured disk in his back. Lodge claims Farahani was injured while resisting arrest, in fact his attorney told an LA Times reporter that Farahani may have been injured when “his head hit Lodge’s boot.” Really. The guy actually said that."

Read the full story at Cynthia Ward's blog site:

Steve Lodge disowns Brandman

"One of three rich moments was when he tried to disown his toxic running mate, Democrat Jordan Brandman.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  But when he claimed he’s not associated with Jordan, and has never been to any events with him, his credibility just sort of abruptly flatlined." 

Steve Lodge lies to OC GOP Central Committee

Steve Lodge LIE #1:

Steve Lodge says he is endorsed by the Anaheim Police and Fire Unions and the Santa Ana Police Union but has not taken any money from them. The truth is that Steve Lodge has taken money from PAC's associated with police/sheriff unions.

Steve Lodge LIE #2:

 Steve Lodge says while many people have endorsed both he and Jordan Brandman; he says he has no ties to Jordan Brandman and has never been to any events with Brandman.

2011 SOAR Angel's Game and BBQ

SOAR November Fundraiser

SOAR November Fundraiser

SOAR November Fundraiser

SOAR November Fundraiser

How can the Anaheim PD PAC support a copy with bad KARMA?

Steve Lodge's history of excessive force:

1990 - Farahani v. City of Santa Ana

A federal jury awarded $612,000 to a jaywalker, finding that office Steve Lodge used excessive force by throwing him to the ground and beating him with a baton.  


From a source close to the case: Jaywalker Hossein Farahani was beaten with a baton, while Lodge was standing on his handcuffed hands on the ground and crying out in pain. Lodge denied using his baton at all, but neutral witnesses and an autopsy surgeon testified otherwise. Also, in response to Santa Ana's motion for remittitur, US District Judge J. Spencer Letts denied any reduction in the punitive damages (awarded personally) against Steve Lodge because he "told bald face lies to avoid liability" (words to that effect.) 

1991 - Ellis v. City of Santa Ana

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

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1993 - Freeman v. City of Santa Ana

From 1976 to 1985, Freeman operated The Red Turtle without receiving any citations from either the Santa Ana Police Department ("SAPD") or from the Alcoholic Beverages Commission ("ABC"). However, in 1985, Freeman filed a complaint against SAPD Officer Steven Lodge, alleging that Lodge was harassing Freeman and her employees and customers, subjecting them to verbal abuse and even physically assaulting them on occasion. After Freeman filed the complaint against Officer Lodge, police involvement with The Red Turtle increased significantly. (Steve Lodge was placed on suspension)

1997 - Orozco v. City of Santa Ana

Unknown Date - Ortega v. City of Santa Ana (research ongoing into this Federal case)

LIAR - Steven Albert Chavez Lodge


In response to media attention on Steve Lodge's past use of excessive force, Steve Lodge stated the following:

“I’m proud of my career as a police officer and, during that career in a tough city, there were times I had to use strong force to take people into custody – and there were many times I was injured because of force used against me,” Lodge said Tuesday. “People sometimes sue. But I never used excessive force.”

Steve Lodge was found liable for using excessive force against the jaywalker in 1989.

From the LA TIMES: A federal jury has awarded $612,000 to a jaywalker, finding that a Santa Ana police officer used excessive force by throwing him to the ground and beating him with a baton.

How can he now state that he never used excessive force? The jaywalker was handcuffed and Lodge was standing on the mans hands when he was beaten over the head for God's sake.

Steve Lodge also stated that “When you can’t put handcuffs on someone who doesn’t want them, you have to chase them down and fight them,” he said.

Steve Lodge was also placed on suspension for shoving and using foul language in a situation with a bar owner. There are also 2 more cases we are investigating in which he was accused of excessive force.

Steve Lodge - Who will drop their endorsement first?

Steve Albert Lodge is backed by the whos who of the Disney/Pringle establishment.

Kris Murray and Gail Eastman with their pal Steve Albert Lodge.

$400 Anaheim Chamber of Commerce

$1800 Orange County Business Council

$1800 Disney Worldwide Services

$750 Lake Development

$250 Pringle's buddy Todd Priest

$1000 Bill O'Connell

I can't wait to see who drops their endorsement first after learning of Steve Albert Lodge's history of excessive force. I've found 2 cases and Gustavo over at the OC Weekly is looking into 2 more.

"These aren't the only lawsuits filed against Lodge alleging excessive force--two others were filed against him in the 1990s. We're checking on those cases as you read this and will update the post once we've learned more--in the meanwhile, spread the word: Anaheim council candidate Steve Lodge is a dirty cop who's the last person deserving of leading the city during these fraught times."

Read the full article here:

Steve Lodge - a true leader for Anaheim

In response to a lawsuit by Anaheim resident Cynthia Ward, Steve Lodge has gone on the attack and made the following statement:

“It’s mystifying to me how a mother and housewife can afford such an expensive undertaking.”

Lodge has even sent out e-mails asking for donations to help pay his legal fees. Doesn't Lodge realize that there is a vast coalition of residents and business owners in Anaheim fed up with Disney/Pringle cronies. People willing to donate large sums of money and their personal time to fight Brandman and Lodge. 

Disney lobbyist Carrie Nocella, Gail Eastman, and Steve Lodge at a SOAR event.

Steve Albert Lodge


From the OC Weekly's Gustavo Arrelano:

"People should've been suspicious of Anaheim City Council candidate Steve Lodge long before he decided to rebrand himself as Steve Chavez Lodge in a callous bid for disenfranchised Mexi voters. He's endorsed by former Anaheim mayor Curt Pringle and arch-pedophile-protector apologist Matt Cunningham (who infamously published the name of sex-abuse victims), and quotes Ronald Reagan on his Facebook page as if membership in the OC GOP depended on it (which it does!). He's a family values type of guy whose current wife is about 15 years younger than he is. He's a carpetbagger whom property records show has barely lived any time in the very city he says he wants to represent."

Read the full article here:

Lawsuit filed against Steve "Chavez" Lodge

From the


Voice of OC reported last night that Anaheim activist Cynthia Ward has filed a lawsuit asking the court to rule on the name and ballot designation of Anaheim City Council Candidate Steve Chavez Lodge. The suit alleges that Lodge can’t place the middle name of “Chavez” on the ballot because it’s not his real name.

Read the full story here: