The failure of ARTIC is good reason to reject all Pringle-backed candidates

Anaheim’s new ARTIC transit center will run into a $2 million operating deficit by the end of June, and Anaheim officials will soon consider how to cover the shortfall, according to the O.C. Register.

Of course we all new this was coming.  Former Anaheim Mayor turned lobbyist Curt Pringle drove the ARTIC project – and lied to everyone about the estimated use of this unneeded building.

Anaheim already had a functional train station, in the parking lot of Angel Stadium.   They did not need ARTIC.  And apparently the business community agrees as ARTIC has been unable to attract a sponsor dumb enough to put their name on the empty building, for the sum of over $160K a year.

By June’s end, city officials expect to earn $391,548 in total revenue for ARTIC, falling far below the anticipated $2.38 million cost to keep the facility’s doors open.

Now the Anaheim City Council, which is controlled by Pringle’s hacks, will have to spend $2 million dollars out of their General Fund, which pays for police and fire services, parks, libraries, road repairs and other city necessities, to keep ARTIC open.

It cost $185 million to build ARTIC.  That money is gone forever.  What a waste!

Anaheim’s coffers are on pace to have a surplus of at least $1.5 million above reserves.  Well that money will be gone now – wasted on ARTIC.

Even worse, Anaheim city officials have to come up with a projected a $5.2 million to cover ARTIC’s costs next year.

Kris Murray & Curt Pringle

Kris Murray & Curt Pringle

So of course Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray, the ringleader of the Pringle cabal, thinks it is OK to blow the reserve money on ARTIC.

“We wouldn’t be dipping into reserves or city services to pay for ARTIC, we would be dipping into surplus revenue from the city,” Councilwoman Kris Murray said. “There are several avenues to explore to earn some revenue for ARTIC, and I want to see any money that goes toward these early operations to be repaid once the station becomes revenue-positive.”

The OCTA paid for the bulk of ARTIC’s construction costs through funds collected under Measure M, the county’s half-cent sales tax approved by voters to pay for transportation projects across the region. Pringle was the Measure M’s pimp – and I don’t know how he can rationalize to voters how their tax money has been wasted.

ARTIC is also failing to meet an opening-day promise of 10,000 riders who either board or depart mass-transit. That figure was used to lure companies that might provide naming rights, advertising or other support for the station. The transit center is still boasted by city officials as eventually becoming a terminus for high-speed rail, but the bullet train won’t likely reach Orange County’s most populous city for another generation, if ever.

10,000? What a joke! “An average of 460 Metrolink and 300 Amtrak passengers boarded trains daily at the Anaheim station during the first month of operation in December.”

I feel bad for the poor restaurants who overpaid to have locations at ARTIC.  Who in the world goes to a train station to eat expensive food?  If you ride the train you have minutes to catch the next leg.  Maybe you might have time to grab a pretzel and take it with you but no one is going to go eat dinner at a train station.  How ridiculous!

There is only one way to prevent these stupidities in the future.  Do not ever vote for ANYONE endorsed by Curt Pringle!  You will find his acolytes on City Councils, School Boards and Water Boards.  Look for the Pringle brand and NEVER vote for anyone he supports.  We have to kill the Pringle machine before it causes more damage.

Don’t forget that Pringle’s minions also control the OC Taxpayers Association and the OC Business Council.  So their endorsements are equally suspect!

The backlash against Pringle has already started by the way.  His chosen hack Don Wagner lost to real conservative John Moorlach a few weeks ago, in their race to replace Mimi Walters in the State Senate.