Join us for Kris Murray's next fundraiser on April 2nd

Dear Friends,

There is a great deal happening in the City of Anaheim - and a great deal to accomplish in the next few years. During my tenure on the Council, I cheated the Anaheim taxpayers out of millions in future revenue by subsidizing the GardenWalk Hotel development. Now I am working to giveaway development rights to Arte Moreno for a mere $1 a year to keep the Angels in Anaheim. I've also invested heavily in an innovative $319 million street car system that will shuttle Disney guests to the park and further congest Katella Avenue. Lastly, I have worked tirelessly to stop District Elections from becoming a reality in Anaheim. I prefer the status quo which keeps special interest money in control of who gets elected.

I am running for re-election because I am committed to every taxpayer ripoff my lobbyist friend Curt Pringle can concoct. Please join me April 2nd for a reception in support of my re-election campaign focused on "Promises Made, Promises Kept - Ripping off Anaheim, one vote at a time."

Kris Murray


FYI this is for comedic purposes. Kris Murray did not write this.