Let's ask Shawn Nelson and Todd Spitzer to rescind Murray endorsements!

Here are some reason you can give the two supervisors as to why Kris Murray is unfit for office:

Kris Murray thinks a fair deal for Anaheim taxpayers involves Angel’s team owner Arte Moreno paying no rent for Angel Stadium on top of giving him development rights to the parking lot for only $1 a year.

Kris Murray voted to giveaway $158 million in future tax revenue to help a millionaire build a privately owned hotel at GardenWalk.

Kris Murray supports building a $319 million streetcar to transport Disney guests on the taxpayers dime. $319 million for only 3 ½ miles of track and the demolition of a family-owned motel via imminent domain.

Kris Murray fought against District Elections which would give Anaheim taxpayers a greater voice at Anaheim City Hall.

Kris Murray violated state law when she voted for the $158 million GardenWalk Hotel giveaway.

Kris Murray complained to the OC Register owners regarding political ads targeting her and they changed their ad policy to stop dissent and obtain a lucrative deal to negotiate naming rights for the ARTIC train station.

Kris Murray supports the expansion of the Anaheim Convention Center even though it places a burden on the general fund.

Kris Murray blocks city residents who speak out against her on her Facebook fan page.

Kris Murray was named one of OC Weekly’s Scariest People of 2013.

Kris Murray supported the Enterprise Zone Program which was merely a way for Disney and Walmart to extract lucrative tax credits from taxpayers.

Kris Murray has criminalized the vulnerable homeless population

Shawn Nelson


Todd Spitzer