Angel's Propaganda Machine

A new website has popped up online at (screenshot below):


This is clear and concise propaganda.  Let's take apart their deal points.

The current deal being discussed would: 

a. Allow the Angels to drop the name Anaheim thus becoming simply the Los Angeles Angels. Funny since I thought they resided deep within Orange County. 

b. Allow Angel's owner Arte Moreno’s umbrella company to receive a 66-year hold on 155 acres around the stadium, a colossal value, to develop as it wishes. In return, Anaheim would receive $66, without commas. And that would be weighed against tax rebates to the Angels.

c. Allow the same franchise that gave Anaheim $4 million per year in rent, in Gene Autry’s day, would only fork over $2 per ticket above and beyond 3 million in attendance. Under the current lease, the threshold is 2.6 million. That saves Moreno $800,000 right there. This year’s top-heavy club would have to average nearly 37,000 in its six remaining home dates to get to 3 million. Under the terms of the MOU, any sub-3 million season means the Angels are getting a rent-free ballpark.

Please go to their Facebook page and comment on their misinformation campaign:

Realtor Paul Kott's son Joel Kott has already called them out:

joel kott.jpg