Even Detroit can build a streetcar cheaper than Anaheim

From The New Anaheim blog:

From the Detroit Business News two days ago:  Subcontractors begin vying for work on Detroit’s $140 million M1 Rail project.  In part,


M1 Rail line…needed for the $140 million task.

That’s $42.4 million/mile, 58% less the estimated cost for Kris Murray’s Anaheim trolley — and that’s all IF Anaheim succeeds in absconding with OCTA Measure M funds to build a $319 million streetcar between the Convention Center, Disneyland and the new $174 million ARTIC train station that’s never going to see a High-Speed Rail Bullet Train once a Sacramento Judge gets through with Gov. Brown and his rape of Proposition 1A.  The streetcar’s costtopped a cost comparison involving 11 other streetcar systems across the country.

The Anaheim Streetcar isn’t even a bad copy of the multiple routes redundantly run to dozens of resort area hotels and tourist sites via the city’s part-ownership of Anaheim Resort Transit as we analyzed earlier this year.

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