Odiferous: the Register’s ARTIC deal

The Register didn’t go very far out on a limb this morning when its lead editorial came out against the Bullet Train (outside paywall here: This train should not leave the station yet) considering the nearly universal opposition to it that’s growing throughout California.  A judge has not quite declared the project illegal due to its inability to be lawfully funded, and we’re still awaiting his decision on the more basic issue — is CAHSR’s current “blended” plan equivalent to what voters expected from Proposition 1A, that is, a non-stop 220mph train between Los Angeles and San Francisco with a 160 minute or less ride for under $100?

Curt Pringle

Curt Pringle

KFI’s John and Ken program yesterday interviewed Chris Reed, a U-T San Diego editorialist who’s followed this issue closely.  Reed explains the lack of merely $18 BILLION that Jerry Brown needs to complete the initial Merced <> Palmdale segment should prevent its moving forward.  Gone from the conversation is the notion that the Browndoggle was expected to find significant support from private sector investment.  John and Ken later did an excellent interview with Stuart Flashman, one of last week’s winning lawyers, later in the show here (17:45 in), explaining how CAHSR unlawfully ignored the stipulations of Prop. 1A.

Here’s what Reason Foundation had to say about the State’s lies a few years ago: