Did Council Majority Meet Privately to Discuss Public Policy at Anaheim Chamber’s Office?

From the Orange Juice Blog: 

Picture us at the Orange Juice Blog office.  It’s early — about 2 p.m.  Chairman Vern is out doing some story about “harvesting”; I, Managing Editor Greg Diamond, have been left in charge.  I’m working on layout, assignments, when suddenly star reporter Cynthia Ward  bursts in which what she says is a scoop.  ”Print this,” she yells!  ”Wait just a minute, Dollface,” I say.  I stop talking to Vern’s life-sized doll, to which I’d been complaining — she’s discreet — and turn my attention to Cynthia, who is obviously trying to butter me up.  She shoves the copy into my face and I begin to read:

“Our Greg Diamond did a fabulous job of dissecting the August 13 Anaheim City Council meeting, and the blatant give-way of our public funding to the Chamber of Commerce. Note how I stopped just short of saying “gift of public funds” because that phrase carries a legal definition, and until I talk to someone who went to law school for more than a concert series I am not willing to go there just yet. But I can see it from here.

“Greg very wisely asks throughout his recap (with a serious doff from the Mr. Ward who loved the Jefferson reference) ‘What meeting?’”

So far I like it — this is my kind of story!  Plot, characters, setting — the whole nine yards!  I read on:

“Well, Greg, I believe Kring and Murray may be referencing THIS meeting.”

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