Kris Murray - Reality vs. Fantasy

Shortly after Kris Murray's re-election fundraiser, the anti-Anaheim blog run by Matt Cunningham (who is paid by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce)  posted this article: 

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The reality is that Kris Murray only raised $61,371.99 not $90,000. How did Matt Cunningham come up with such an inflated number. I can understand being off a thousand or so, but Matt reported she brought in $30,000 more then she actually did. This should comes as no surprise, considering Matt Cunningham makes his living by lying and distorting the truth for the powerful corrupt majority of the Anaheim City Council.
Update: Matt C. is now claiming $30,000 came in after the fundraiser was held. We shall see if his argument holds water come the next reporting period. My guess is he is just lying as usual.