Anaheim Council Majority Tells the People: “Up Yours!”

By Cynthia Ward: 

There is a fine line between conceit and arrogance.  Conceit assumes that you know better than all others, that your way is best.  Arrogance presumes not only that your way is best, but that the rest of us are ungrateful curs for not readily thanking you for that brilliant leadership.  Arrogance rubs your nose in the funky-spot of the bad decisions made to the detriment of others.  Arrogance was displayed with a hey-nonny at tonight’s Anaheim City Council meeting.  [July 2, 2013]

Gail Eastman

Gail Eastman

Tonight a 3-2 vote of the Council majority, Eastman, Kring, Murray, essentially told the people of Anaheim “Up Yours.”  There is just no other way to say it.  OK perhaps substituting the F word… (which I did repeatedly while watching their arrogance on my computer screen but we won’t go there.)

Following through on their previous meeting’s discussion, they were now able to agendize the Santa Ana model of voting, to be put on the upcoming ballot.  As usual, the mild-mannered man we voted to lead us as the independently elected Mayor tried to inject some level of wisdom into the discussion, and as usual the deliberate, intentional stubbornness of the majority prevailed.  Mayor Tait pointed out that what they were offering was a “choice” between the At-Large system we have now or the At-Large system they are promoting, which really is no choice at all.  Oh, and by the way, it is not really a Charter change, because it is really not “District” elections;  thus voting for this on a ballot is superfluous because the change can simply be enacted by Ordinance.  But they voted 3-2, Tait and Brandman against.  Then they put the REAL Districts up as the next Agenda item, and while Tom Tait challenged them to explain why leaders would not allow voters to actually have a say in how we will be governed, they arrogantly voted…surprise!  3-2, Brandman and Tait voting for Districts, Eastman, Kring and Murray voting against.

I have to echo the thoughts of Mayor Tait.  Why would any leader in a truly free society not allow their constituents to choose how we are to be governed?  And because I am nowhere near as nice a person as Tom Tait, I will answer that rhetorical question:

I think their stranglehold on the election system of Anaheim is rooted in fear, a fear so deep it wakes them up at night, sweating, panicked.

They know, despite the assurances of Dennis DeSnoo and Curt Pringle and Lucy Dunn, they know how utterly resented they are in some areas of Anaheim.  And after the latest hypocrisy that resentment may very well turn to hatred.  They do not dare allow us a voice or our shouts will be heard out to San Bernardino, with the echo of “Throw the Bums OUT!”

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