Disney in control of Charter Review Commission

Enough is Enough Mickey! You've already siphoned off $319 million of taxpayer funds for your private streetcar project. Not to mention the sweetheart deals connected to the Honda Center, Angel Stadium, the GardenWalk Hotel, and the resort area improvements. Now you want to get your white gloves on the charter (constitution) of the City of Anaheim. When are you going to learn to be a good citizen and not the rat you've become. 

For the uninformed, here is the cast that Disney has chosen (Disney lobbyist Carrie Nocella pictured below):


Craig Farrow  - GardenWalk Hotel giveaway afficiando


Gloria Maae - card caring SUCK OUR ANAHEIM RESOURCES (SOAR) member


Todd Ament  - employer of Matt Cunningham who supported pedophile priest enabler John Urell amongst other nefarious activities. Mr. Ament also is the show runner for the Anti-Anaheim Blog that on a daily basis spins the truth for Disney.


Keith Olesen  - Anaheim's biggest sellout and lap dog of Kris Murray.


Amanda Edinger  - known for her anti-immigrant online rants, which comes as no surprise as she was given this post by Lucille Kring.