Mayor Tait versus Kris Murray - WINNER TAIT

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Comments by Cynthia Ward: 

According to Kris Murray's proposal, we can keep the "at large" system we have, or we can take the even more screwed up "at large" system she is offering, both keep power concentrated in the hands of those with enough money to blanket a city of this size with mail. Period.

Why is Kris Murray so afraid of her own constituents that she refuses to let us choose how we will be governed in the future? Or does she KNOW we will toss her phony butt overboard the second we get the opportunity to overcome the hundreds of thousands her buddies at Disney launder through PACs so their fingerprints are not on the campaign spending? AARGH!

Thank you, Mayor Tait, for standing up to these people, who do not have enough respect for their own citizens to give us a real choice.