Lucille Kring - TRAITOR of Anaheim - Part 1

During council members Lucille Kring's campaign she promised residents she would oppose the $158 million GardenWalk Hotel Giveaway

Not only would she oppose it, but she would back Mayor Tait's initiative to Let the People Vote on the issue of hotel subsidies.

Unfortunately, since taking office and attending a SOAR/Disney fundraiser, council member Kring has voted in favor of the $158 million GardenWalk Hotel Giveaway and remained silent when Mayor Tait called for the people to vote on subsidy deals.

Anaheim resident, Larry Larsen (seen in the video below), had this to say about council member Kring's lies: 

 "You lied to me. Just like you lied to countless others prior to last Novembers election. Last October, prior to the election, on a Sunday afternoon. You stood in my driveway for almost an hour. . . .I told you, in this election, I was a one issue voter.  I told you I was against the $158 million money grab. You told me that you also were absolutely against it and that there was no was you'd support it or vote for it. I took you at our word. . . So tonight, I want to tell the citizens of Anaheim that Madam you cannot be trusted or believed. That you will say and do anything for a vote. How much was your integrity worth? Were all of your campaign debts paid off?"