Equal Voice for Every Neighborhood

Comments by Cynthia Ward: 


Kris Murray's proposal to mimic Santa Ana with leaders representing Districts but elected at large is the worst of all possible worlds, combining the limited candidate pool of resident representation with the big money stakes of having to reach voters all over the city-using expensive mail. Anaheim's current system has created the train wreck (Resort streetcar wreck?) of seeing elected leaders beholden to the corporate interests who spent enough money on mail and advertising to get them elected.

This is how we end up with deals like the Gardenwalk hotel giveaway of $158 million to one already rich developer, look at who paid for all that mail that elected the current majority, you will find his money in every single one of those campaigns! Enough already!

Give us true representation with voting by district and within the district, no it is not perfect, no system is going to be, but at least a grass roots candidate could cover a smaller district with volunteers and get their message out, perhaps getting elected without owing their souls to the big money of Anaheim's political machine. That Murray and her ilk would even consider the system that maintains their base of power and money tells you exactly what she thinks of Anaheim voters, she does not seem to want you to have the voice in how you are governed, as proposed by Mayor Tait!

They denied the right to vote on this last year when they had the chance, before cubic bucks had been spent on the lawsuit. They denied the right to vote on tax giveaways like Gardenwalk. Even when they insist on forming a citizens advisory committee as a stalling tactic to try keeping their seats a little longer, when the answer they came back with matched the answer the Mayor proposed a year ago, they now dismiss it and come up with what they want anyway.

Are they afraid that unless their friends can shut out opponents with money and advertising the people of Anaheim might very well choose someone else to lead us? You better believe it!