Lucille Kring - TRAITOR of Anaheim - Part 3

As you know, council member Lucille Kring cannot be trusted. Why do I say that? Because she promised to support districting, civilian oversight, and Mayor Tait's proposal to allow the voters to approve future hotel subsidies and then turned around and:

a. voted against districting over the recommendations of the CAC.

b. remained silent when Mayor Tait asked for a 2nd to move his initiative to allow the voters to approved future hotel subsidies. 

c. voted for the $158 million GardenWalk Hotel giveaway

d. came out against civilian oversight

Then today I discover that she came out AGAINST the outrageous at-large residency based election model that Kris Murray proposed last night and that she subsequently voted in favor of (see video below):

I'm personally concerned that council member Kring may have some form of mental illness.