Brandman/Kring appoint Anti-Immigrant CAC member Amanda Edinger

Save Anaheim has found some very revealing info regarding Mrs. Edinger on Facebook. The following are some quotes from posts Mrs. Edinger has commented on with the screenshots following below with additional comments made:

Amanda Edinger

Amanda Edinger

"Illegal immigration is not another civil rights issue. And it's demeaning to those that actually endured that movement."

"Where is the border security promised in 1986?"

"Stop handing out benefits, cut the automatic birthright, cut education and impose heavy fines on employees that hire them."

"They don't have a right to work here."

Do you think Congress should pass laws discontinuing birthright citzenship? "YES"

"No amnesty"

"Affirmative action is nothing short of govt approved racism."

"They want our guns"

"I'm sorry that some people live horribly there, but invest your effort to either fix your country, or immigrate to ours legally."

"I support Sherrif Joe"

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