Gail Eastman - "If its in print it must be true!"

In an article published by the OC Register regarding districting, council member Gail Eastman is quoted as saying:

Gail Eastman

Gail Eastman

"It's expensive to maintain the lawsuit, but we also need to look at how much it would cost to expand the City Council," Councilwoman Gail Eastman said. "I don't know how we could physically expand the council to eight people in the Chamber. The more issues we put on the ballot, the more people will get confused."

I decided to write council member Eastman and ask her this simple question:

"Where do you come up with such ridiculous statements?"

Within the e-mail I also pasted the quote above. To my astonishment she wrote back. Below is our e-mail exchange (nothing has been omitted):

Eastman: "I have no idea where do you find such things?"

Young: "That's a quote from the OC Register"

Eastman: " But of course! If its in print it must be true! And you must believe in Santa and the Easter bunny too!"

Actual e-mail screen grab:


Young: "So the Register just made up this quote and stated it was from you?"

Eastman: " Not what I said, end of discussion. Again thank you so much for your input, I appreciate your views."

From there I decided to call the reporter who quoted council member Eastman, Art Marroquin of the OC Register, and he stated that the interview took place via phone and that he typed the words into his computer as she spoke.

I think at some point I could put together a small coffee table book with classic Gail Eastman quotes. Here are some of my personal favorites:

After the two APD shootings and the riots:

"The bonus now is that a threat of seeing either the TOT issue or districting on the November ballot is past. In spite of how it happened, it was a big time win for all who opposed seeing that placed on the November ballot. Tonight we celebrate a win with no shots fired!"

On allowing residents to vote on subsidies and districting (reference to Mayor Tait):

"All I can say is "praise the Lord" he cant get either of them on the ballot."

On districting (video below):

"I understand a lot more about it then the average resident."