Disneyland Driving Up Costs of Anaheim Streetcar Project

From The Voice of OC:

While various stakeholders continue to disagree on the merits of Anaheim's proposed streetcar project, there is no debating that it is the most expensive project of its kind in recent memory.


An analysis by the Orange County Transportation Authority showed that on a per-mile basis, the estimated $319-million price tag on the Anaheim project is higher than any of the last 11 streetcar projects proposed nationwide.

There are a variety of reasons why such a project in Anaheim would be more expensive than in places like Cincinnati and Portland. Labor costs and environmental requirements among other factors make the cost of any construction project in California higher than in other places.

But it's also becoming increasingly clear that a significant reason for the high cost estimate, nearly $100 million per mile, -- is the demands placed upon it by Disneyland and the rest of the city's resort district.

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