City Manager Bob Wingenroth RESIGNS - updated

I commend Bob Wigenroth for making the bold decision to resign after 4 years of dealing with the ethically bankrupt city council majority led by Kris Murray. Dealing with folks who's sole mission is to steal from taxpayers must have finally taken it's toll. I'm sure he can't wait to get back to his extended family in Arizona. Hope unloading the house he just bought in Anaheim two months ago isn't a problem.

We at Save Anaheim are hoping that next time it is Kris Murray and Gail Eastman resigning in the midst of scandal and not another decent public servant. 

Bob Wigenroth

Bob Wigenroth

From The City of Anaheim:

ANAHEIM, CA - (April 9, 2013) Bob Wingenroth, Anaheim City Manager, has announced his resignation and will relocate to Arizona to be closer to family, he announced today.  His last day with the City of Anaheim will be June 7.

“On behalf of the City of Anaheim, we thank Bob Wingenroth for his service to our city,” said Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait.  “I know this was a difficult decision for him.   Bob is a man of integrity, ethics, and compassion.  I join everyone at City Hall in saying we will miss him, and we wish him and his family all the very best.”

“It is with great respect and appreciation that I was given the opportunity to serve the City of Anaheim as City Manager,” said Wingenroth.  “After living in Arizona for nearly all my life, my wife and I have made the decision to return to be with family after four years here.  Life has revealed the beauty and support of our family and extended family in Arizona, and their need for us and our need for them.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Anaheim and meeting wonderful people throughout the city.  I will miss everyone, and I am honored to have been a member of this wonderful community.”

Wingenroth was appointed City Manager on June 19, 2012, as approved by the Anaheim City Council. The Anaheim City Manager is the chief administrator for Orange County’s oldest city, which covers 50 square miles with 343,000 residents and 3,100 City employees. He is responsible for implementation of the Anaheim Mayor and City Council’s policies and the oversight of the city’s $1.5 billion budget, and a variety of capital projects.

He joined the City of Anaheim in November, 2010 as Finance Director. During his tenure he was responsible for the overall operations of the department, including accounting, budget, information services, payroll, purchasing, risk management, and workers compensation.  He was named Acting City Manager on Nov. 15, 2011.

Wingenroth has served more than 30 years in local government finance, with the cities of Huntington Beach and Phoenix, Ariz.  As Finance Director with Huntington Beach (2009-2010), he managed the city’s budget, developed a five year financial plan, and strengthened the city’s financial reserve policy. 

He began his professional career with the City of Phoenix in 1980, was named City Auditor in 1999, and was promoted to Finance Director in 2005.  Phoenix, a municipality of 1.4 million residents, had a $3.4 billion budget.  He administered the fiscal management of $2 billion in financing projects including the Convention Center and Hotel, water and wastewater infrastructure, public safety and recreation facilities.

The City Manager is one of four positions that report directly to the Anaheim City Council in accordance with the City’s charter.  The City Council will determine next steps at a future date.