The Dangerous Lies of Anaheim Police’s Kerry Condon

From The Orange Juice Blog:

There are times when perception usurps reality, and nowhere is that more true than in law enforcement.  It’s the perception of danger that prompts an officer to take the life of an unarmed suspect, and it is ONLY the perception of danger that the officer is held accountable for in the typical District Attorney investigation of an officer-involved shooting.

Kerry Condon

Kerry Condon

I truly believe the vast majority of law enforcement professionals are decent men and women who show up for work day after day wanting to do a good job. Unlike Robo-Call Pringle, I wouldn’t be so brazen as to presume to speak for the majority of Anaheim residents.  I can only say that most people I personally speak with seem to appreciate the very difficult position the Police find themselves in.  The general sentiment (as I see it) is that the public wants to work alongside the Anaheim Police Department to reduce the crime affecting all of us, and we want a true partnership in which we understand and trust one another.  But that partnership only with two-way communication, and that communication is something we lack right now.

Why are there twice as many shooting victims at the hands of Police over the last two years than officers killed in the line of duty in the entire history of the Police department?It sends a mixed message to claim that officers do not want to shoot young men on the street, and then claim that the system we have in place works just fine.  If the system worked fine, 

Plainly, something is NOT working.  The current system of self-examination for law enforcement is clearly unable to address whatever unique set of circumstances make Anaheim officers so much more fearful on duty than their counterparts in nearby cities.  We need to get to the bottom of that fear and distrust before anyone else gets hurt.  This must stop.  To claim the system works is to say the death rate is acceptable, and it is not.

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