Murray's Election Committee is Rigged

From The Voice of OC:

Kris Murray appointed Keith Olesen and Sandy Day – both vocal opponents of council districts -- to replace two committee members who abruptly resigned six meetings and four months into the process because of scheduling conflicts, according to a city news release.

Kris Murray with Keith Olesen peeking over his shoulder. Also pictured is Gail Eastman and dirty cop Steve Lodge.

One other seat, which was vacated by Harry Sidhu appointee Peter Argarwal, remains open. Council members are scheduled to consider Tuesday forming a subcommittee to select Argawal's replacement.

Last Thursday was Murrays’ appointees first meeting.

“Their [Day and Olesen] appointments are a slap in the face to the Hispanic residents of the city and the minorities of this city,” city resident Steve Perez said at the meeting. “They are obviously closed minded to the goals of this committee.”

Olesen wrote in his message board comments that the committee appointees were selected for specific agendas.

Perez read Olesen's writings into the record during last Thursday's committee meeting.

“Everyone who is appointed to this committee is appointed for a specific reason,” Perez said, referencing Olesen's message board post, which was texted to Perez moments before he spoke by Save Anaheim blogger Jason Young. “They already know which way they are voting.”

“I believe that is how this started, yeah,” Keith Olesen replied.

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