Jordan Brandman Plagiarized Report

From The Voice of OC:

A report prepared by Anaheim City Councilman Jordan Brandman for Orange County’s Clerk-Recorder – which contained an entire section that was apparently largely copied from the Wikipedia entry on Orange County – contained clear examples of plagiarism and was problematic “on a number of levels,” a leading government ethics expert said Monday morning.

Judy Nadler, senior fellow at the Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, said that the report embodies the “exact opposite” of the origin of the phrase “good enough for government work,” which originally implied high standards.

Jordan Brandman and members of the Masters of the Universe club.

Jordan Brandman and members of the Masters of the Universe club.

Based on what’s she’s seen, Nadler questioned whether Orange County has basic contracting protections in place.

“I have no idea how Orange County operates, but if I were presented with this as a public official, I would not be inclined to accept it as it is. Because its something that frankly a high school intern could have done, anyone could have done,” Nadler said. “I'm just really curious about what Orange County has as its standards. I'd be really surprised and disappointed to see if you could submit anything you want.”

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