OC Register - do you do your homework?

Today the OC Register finally reported on the resignations of 3 Anaheim Citizen Advisory Committee Members. It took the OC Register a whole two weeks until they finally got around to reporting this important matter. Unfortunately, OC Register reporter Art Marroquin, clearly didn't do his homework. Below you find the article with Save Anaheim's comments in bold:

Three members have resigned from a panel charged with charting the future of Anaheim's elections in hopes of increasing voter participation and engagement.

Peter Agarwal, David Diaz and Joseph Karaki stepped down from the 11-member Citizens Advisory Committee, formed last summer to study how City Council members should be elected to Orange County's most populous city.

Community activists Sandy Day and Keith Olesen were appointed by City Councilwoman Kris Murray to fill two of the vacancies. Newly elected council members Jordan Brandman and Lucille Kring will work together to find a replacement for Agarwal, appointed by former Councilman Harry Sidhu.

Keith Olesen peeking out from behind Kris Murray.

Keith Olesen peeking out from behind Kris Murray.

The trio of out-going members stepped down last month. The committee was formed after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit last June, calling on city leaders to carve Anaheim into a series of City Council districts as a way to ensure better representation of the city's burgeoning minority communities – particularly Latinos.

Art fails to mention that Anaheim is in violation of the CA Voters Rights Act which is why the suit was brought forward by the ACLU. Anaheim's former City Attorney Cristina Talley also agrees with the ACLU's assessment according to The Voice of OC. In addition Art fails to mention that Anaheim is the only city of it's size without district elections.

Such a move would require a successful ballot measure or a court order, moving Anaheim away from its longstanding practice of holding citywide "at large" elections for the mayor and for the City Council.

"In light of the lawsuit and the unrest last year, we understand changes need to be made somewhere, somehow," said Karaki, who stepped down because of increasing business commitments.

The unrest had nothing to do with the election process Mr. Karaki.

"How, what and where the changes are needed, I honestly don't know," Karaki said. "Maybe something good will come out of all this, and I hope the committee will be able to resolve it."

Losing three committee members within a few weeks of each other was an "uncanny coincidence," particularly considering the group is expected to release its findings in May, Murray said.

Day and Olesen applied to be part of the committee last summer and regularly attended meetings, even though they were not initially selected, Murray said.

I know for a fact that Sandy and Keith Olesen do not regularly attend these meetings.

Day declined to discuss what she would like to accomplish, but said in an email that it would be "disrespectful" and "damaging to our mission if we were to share individual opinions" before a final recommendation is made.

Art, if you had only googled Sandy Day or Keith Olesen you would have found that the both have publicly come out AGAINST districting. This has been reported by numerous blogs and news organizations. But instead of the facts you allow Sandy Day to lie and state that "it would be "disrespectful" and "damaging to our mission if we were to share individual opinions" before a final recommendation is made."

Here is Sandy Day stating she is against districting:

Agarwal, Diaz and Olesen did not respond to interview requests. "I know a lot of people think otherwise, but the creation of this committee is not a delay tactic" in deciding how to deal with Anaheim's elections, Murray said. "We need to make sure that our residents are engaged in deciding how and why a city the size of Anaheim needs to change the way it's governed."

The committee is a delay tactic. The CIty of Anaheim is in violation and will lose the lawsuit against the ACLU. Kris Murray simply wants to keep her stranglehold on the city so she can continue to waste our tax dollars on hotel subsidies, streetcars to shuttle Disney guests, etc. . . Would have been nice if you had spoken to Mayor Tait and got his take on Murray's sham committee.

Oh, and the total cost to taxpayers to fight this losing battle is $287,000 and counting.