A Tale of Two Anaheims

By The Voice of OC:

When Anaheim protesters clashed with police in a downtown riot last year after a string of fatal police shootings, it became clear to many residents that there are two Anaheims.

One city boasts world-class sports venues, Disneyland's magic kingdom and an affluent, mostly white bedroom community perched atop the tumbling hills that form the city's Eastern frontier.


The other side of Anaheim is a collection of neglected neighborhoods sprawled over the city's flat-lands. A mainly working-class Latino community scraping by with low-wage jobs, fearful of aggressive police officers and gangs, and stunted by a bleak sense that the city's political elite cares little for their plight.

On Tuesday, Mayor Tom Tait confronted the two Anaheim’s during the mayor's annual State of The City address.

As is city tradition, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce presented Monday's luncheon event, and most attendees were business leaders, not ordinary residents.

Below a gilded stage and a vast blue curtain, the city's powerbrokers dined on seasoned chicken and chocolate pudding deserts served in skinny glasses.

Tait’s message was harder to swallow.

“It is important for our reputation that there not be two Anaheims,” said Tait, in reference to the media storm last summer that placed the city's strife on an international stage. “But even more important, on a human level, it's just not right.”

Yet creating one prosperous city won’t be easy.

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