Kris Murray replaces Committee Members - MUST SEE VIDEO

Kris Murray in her zeal to get what she really wants, which is no council districts, has replaced her appointees to the Citizens Advisory Committee. This comes after upwards of 6 meetings have already taken place. How are these new "impartial" members, Sandy Day and Keith Olesen going to catch up? I say impartial with my tongue in cheek.

Watch as Steve Perez, a friend of Save Anaheim, lets the other committee members know where Sandy Day and Keith Olesen stand on the issue of districting:

Here is Sandy Day, who we loving refer to as the Cheerleader of Crony Capitalism, voicing her distaste for district elections at an August 2012 council meeting:

"It breaks my heart that today is a day when so much emphasis is placed on skin color,” said resident Sandy Day, referring to the contention that Latinos are underrepresented. I want five council members accountable to me, not just one.”

Keith Olesen - is making demeaning comments about your neighbors on the committee an example of exemplifying the spirit of Mayor Tait's "Hi Neighbor" program?