APA's Kerry Condon takes aim at Mayor Tait

At yesterdays city council meeting, APA President Kerry Condon attacked Mayor Tom Tait.

See video below:

During his speech he also lashed out at critics of the police department stating "I am here to oppose those who tell blatant lies about our police officers . . . ." Pot meet kettle Mr. Kerry Condon. You stood before the council and misrepresented the facts aka lied regarding Mayor Tait. Blaming him for economic issues, low police numbers, stated he enacts bad policy, and hurts public safety. Mr. Kerry Condon might want to look at Curt Pringle's mismanagement of city funds that Mayor Tait inherited, the policies of the majority that consistently undermine TOT revenues (that funds police officers) in favor of their developer pals, and so on.

You're an embarrassment to the Anaheim Police Department. I hope under oath you don't lie like you did tonight in front of the entire City of Anaheim.