Lorri Galloway attacks her "friend" Mayor Tom Tait on PBS

During this week's episode of PBS's Real Orange show, Lorri Galloway decided to attack Mayor Tait . Below is my letter to Mrs. Galloway in response to her interview: 


I just sat through the PBS interview you gave and I am beyond livid. You promised not to attack Mayor Tait and yet you continually do so. What's worse is that you claim you somehow could have brought consensus and compromise to all of the divisive issues that he has met. You couldn't bridge that divide when you were on council and you certainly have sided with Mayor Tait on all of the issues he has faced.

How dishonest could you possibly be? I'm sorry to say but you may be worse then Kring. You not only have turned on a man of integrity but you are tearing down someone you claim is your friend. I guess I should have listened to those who warned me that you lacked integrity.



UPDATE:  Lorri has just issued this statement-

Dear Tom:

With all of my heart, I sincerely apologize. This has spiraled into

something that is negative and was never my intent. What has been

said by me is hurtful and not the message I wanted to get across.

The worst thing about any of this is that I know I've lost your

friendship and my heart is broken over that. The truth is that I do

believe you have made courageous moves in standing up for what is

right and you are a good and wonderful and kind man. I've said that

in all my interviews but that is not the message that writers and TV

people want to hear from me; they want drama and they focus on the

negative. They didn't want to hear about my wanting people to have a

different choice. Regardless, my team and I will step back and get

on the track that I set from the beginning which has no place in

attacking you. Again, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me

for allowing this to happen. From my camp, it will not happen again.

You and I have spoken many times about believing that this is much

bigger than you or I. I still believe that.




I love this supposed apology where she tries to blame the media for her attack on Mayor Tait. Why not take responsibility for your choice of words Lorri?