This is a public service announcement from Save Anaheim regarding and Both of these sites are paid for by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and run by Matt Cunningham.

Todd Ament and Matt Cunningham

Todd Ament and Matt Cunningham

There is nothing grassroots about either website. The sole intent of these sites is to spin the truth for the ethically challenged Anaheim City Council majority. A council majority that has voted for some of the biggest taxpayer giveaways in Anaheim's history.

Here are some of their greatest hits:

1. $319 million Disney streetcar system

2. $158 million GardenWalk Hotel giveaway

3. $1 per ear lease agreement with Arte Moreno to develop the Angel Stadium parking lot (negotiations pending)

4. $184 million ARTIC train station

Please keep this in mind when you read either site. These people are not on the side of Angel fans or the residents of Anaheim. The only thing on their mind is how can they rip off the taxpayers and enrich their friends.