I was completely disheartened to learn that at tonights council meeting the homeless ordinance was approved unanimously. Now I don't claim to have the answers to the issue of homelessness, but I firmly believe that this ordinance is inhumane and unkind.

Where is the compassion on this council made up of Christians? The Bible is very clear on how we should treat the less fortunate and it does not include confiscating their belongings, fines, and kicking them out of parks.

I think I am most disturbed by this action considering the millions that this council has given away to their wealthy donors. Here is just a partial list:

$158 million GardenWalk Hotel Giveaway

$300 million ARTIC train station

$319 million Disney streetcar

But the council can't set aside funds to build a shelter and help those less fortunate then their wealthy political donors. Wonder what Jesus would say about that?