Why do we need a $92 million underpass?

The OC Register is reporting that five business near the train crossing at Katella and State College are in danger of being taken via imminent domain to build an underpass. For those of us who travel over those train tracks frequently, the questions is why the hell do we need an underpass?. Traffic flows well without it. Apparently projections show that by 2030 about 95 trains will pass thru. Wonder what type of crystal ball they use to come up these numbers.


Anaheim's public works director Natalie Meeks states that "With the development anticipated in the Platinum Triangle, it will become more important." What development in Curt Pringle's massive failure entitled the Platinum Triangle. The Platinum Triangle used to be the home to thriving businesses and now it is made up of empty dirt lots. Dirt lots that generate no revenue for the city.

I'm sure f we dug a little deeper we'd find that Pringle and Assoc. is representing folks connected to this waste of public funds. But that is only speculation.