Trains Still Can Make Sense — ARTIC Does Not

From the OC Politics Blog:


ARTIC is Mayor-for-Hire Curt Pringle‘s singular masterpiece of obfuscation, deceptive municipal finance and the pinnacle of hislobbying career.  While an OCTA Board Member and around the time he assembled the Masters of the Universe, Pringle concocted this edifice to his Mayoral reign as a future cash funnel for hisconsulting business.  While still Mayor, Pringle elaborately promised that private investors would be flocking to the Barn and throwing money at it, but years later such support has completely failed to develop and its construction and financing are fully on Orange County taxpayers.

ARTIC may also eliminate the free parking that Metrolink commuters have enjoyed for years at the north end of an easily accessible lot at Angel Stadium.

Just like the X Train isn’t coming to ARTIC, neither will the California High-Speed Rail project, the grandest and most expensive government transportation project in the United States.  The necessary money simply doesn’t exist, and the Feds have no more committed to CAHSR.  IF it’s finished, ARTIC will service no more trains or additional commuters than the existing station only hundreds of feet away.

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