History: Kris Murray

From The Liberal OC 4/18/12:


At Tuesday’s Anaheim City Council meeting, Counicilwoman Kris Murray took out her frustration over the push-back regarding her support for the $158 million tax giveaway to her benefactors on Councilwoman Lorri Galloway. Murray had placed on the meeting agenda the matter of stripping Galloway of her Mayor Pro Tem title. Murray took her action because Galloway, using here official title of Mayor Pro Tem, signed on as a proponent of a proposed charter amendment to require future tax giveaways be presented to the voters for consideration.

Murray claimed her action was not a personal attack. “This is not an action that is taken in a personal way,” she said. But the title shouldn’t be used on a legal document and “the only way to prevent that is to take away the title.”

Mayor Tom Tait saw it differently. “This action tonight is a big step backwards.”

Council members  Harry Sidhu and Gail Eastman voted along with Murray to strip the Mayor Pro Tem title from Galloway and appointed Harry Sidhu as the new Mayor Pro Tem.

Galloway called the action retaliation and bullying. “I’ve never needed a title to stand up for what’s right, and I don’t need one now.”