Sandy Day - Cheerleader of Crony Capitalism

A few days ago I commented on an OC Register article regarding the GardenWalk Hotel giveaway. I wrote the following comment:


"Public/Private partnerships are merely welfare programs for the wealthy. For example, the Honda Center (which was built with taxpayer dollars) generates no income fpr the City of Anaheim. Only the wealthy operator sees a dime from that operation."

SOAR/Disney cheerleader Sandy Day responded with the following:

"Finally and to address your innaccurate comments regarding some of Anaheim's most important entertainment venues, rather than debate with you further on this matter, may I just simply quote the mayor at the recent dedication of the Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza: 

"And speaking from an economic perspective, this project is a great asset for the Convention Center. It is already one of the busiest convention centers in the nation—the Grand Plaza will only help make marketing this venue that much easier. Anaheim’s Convention Center is a hub for activity for our city and that activity supports hundreds of good, local jobs. Our economy greatly benefits from the restaurant, transportation, hotel and retail jobs related to supporting the more than one million guests that the Convention Center hosts each year." - Mayor Tom Tait on Jan 12, 2013.

I specifically was commenting on the Honda Center. Where in your quote from Mayor Tait does he refer to direct revenue from the Honda Center? Where in the quote does he refer to direct revenue from the Convention Center for that matter? Nowhere. Mayor Tait merely points out the obvious that the Convention Center stimulates the local economy (ie. hotel stays, car rentals, dining, etc. . ). Which does not make up for the utter failure the Convention Center is in terms of actually generating revenue directly. What business would own an asset that consistently was in the red? I'd like to further quote Anaheim's Ruth Ruiz on this subject"

How much revenue is generate by the Honda Center, Angel Stadium, and Convention Center after all debts etc. . . are considered?

The City does not receive any revenues directly from these venues as the direct revenues generated by these venues mainly just offset the associated expenses including operating, maintenance, capital and debt.  If the question is relating to the indirect revenues generated, we do not track that separately

As for Mayor Tait's quote regarding "good local jobs," maybe he should talk to the Disney employees crammed into one bedroom apartments, maids that are overworked and underpaid, illegal immigrants paid under the table, and so on. The Disneyland Resort only generates low income jobs. We'd be better off with APPLE or GOOGLE residing in Anaheim versus a greedy corporate machine like Disney who could care less about the welfare of it's employees.