Another Shot at Subsidy Deal?

From The Voice of OC

A luxury hotels developer who was set to receive a controversial $158-million tax subsidy from Anaheim until it was voided in court last month is now asking that the City Council give it back. The developer, Bill O’Connell, is requesting that the council consider granting the subsidy at the Jan. 29 council meeting, according to his Jan. 10 letter.


The City Council first granted the subsidy to O’Connell’s partnership, GardenWalk Hotel I, in January 2012. The 3-2 vote revealed a spit on both the City Council and in the community, with neighborhood activists and good-government advocates pitted against a group of construction trade unions and influential business lobbyists closely linked to O’Connell.

Last month, an Orange County Superior Court judge voided the subsidy vote on grounds that it violated the state's open meetings law, known as the Ralph M. Brown Act. Judge Steven L. Perk ruled that the subsidy approval was not adequately described as a possibility on the council meeting agenda.

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