How can the Anaheim PD PAC support a copy with bad KARMA?

Steve Lodge's history of excessive force:

1990 - Farahani v. City of Santa Ana

A federal jury awarded $612,000 to a jaywalker, finding that office Steve Lodge used excessive force by throwing him to the ground and beating him with a baton.  


From a source close to the case: Jaywalker Hossein Farahani was beaten with a baton, while Lodge was standing on his handcuffed hands on the ground and crying out in pain. Lodge denied using his baton at all, but neutral witnesses and an autopsy surgeon testified otherwise. Also, in response to Santa Ana's motion for remittitur, US District Judge J. Spencer Letts denied any reduction in the punitive damages (awarded personally) against Steve Lodge because he "told bald face lies to avoid liability" (words to that effect.) 

1991 - Ellis v. City of Santa Ana

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1993 - Freeman v. City of Santa Ana

From 1976 to 1985, Freeman operated The Red Turtle without receiving any citations from either the Santa Ana Police Department ("SAPD") or from the Alcoholic Beverages Commission ("ABC"). However, in 1985, Freeman filed a complaint against SAPD Officer Steven Lodge, alleging that Lodge was harassing Freeman and her employees and customers, subjecting them to verbal abuse and even physically assaulting them on occasion. After Freeman filed the complaint against Officer Lodge, police involvement with The Red Turtle increased significantly. (Steve Lodge was placed on suspension)

1997 - Orozco v. City of Santa Ana

Unknown Date - Ortega v. City of Santa Ana (research ongoing into this Federal case)