LIAR - Steven Albert Chavez Lodge


In response to media attention on Steve Lodge's past use of excessive force, Steve Lodge stated the following:

“I’m proud of my career as a police officer and, during that career in a tough city, there were times I had to use strong force to take people into custody – and there were many times I was injured because of force used against me,” Lodge said Tuesday. “People sometimes sue. But I never used excessive force.”

Steve Lodge was found liable for using excessive force against the jaywalker in 1989.

From the LA TIMES: A federal jury has awarded $612,000 to a jaywalker, finding that a Santa Ana police officer used excessive force by throwing him to the ground and beating him with a baton.

How can he now state that he never used excessive force? The jaywalker was handcuffed and Lodge was standing on the mans hands when he was beaten over the head for God's sake.

Steve Lodge also stated that “When you can’t put handcuffs on someone who doesn’t want them, you have to chase them down and fight them,” he said.

Steve Lodge was also placed on suspension for shoving and using foul language in a situation with a bar owner. There are also 2 more cases we are investigating in which he was accused of excessive force.