The Black Hole of Public-Private partnerships

Kris Murray touted the "Tradition of Public/Private Partnerships" in the slide presentation she presented on March 6, 2012. This was council member Murray's attempt to show how beneficial public/private partnerships are to The City of Anaheim.

What she failed to disclose is that The Honda Center, Angel Stadium, and the Convention Center "do not generate direct revenue for general City services," according to Anaheim City Spokesperson Ruth Ruiz.

Ruiz goes on to state that, "Each facility has revenue sharing opportunities in place, but that revenue is held in the Convention, Sports and Entertainment fund to offset the department’s expenses". So essentially these venues are simply gold mines for the wealthy individuals who operate them. Who operates these venues?

Arte Moreno - Angel Stadium - Net Worth $1.1 billion

Net Worth $1.1 billion

Henry Samueli - Honda Center - Net Worth $2.3 billion

Net Worth $2.3 billion

Murray, I'm sure would argue, that they generate revenue via sales tax and TOT. Unfortunately the City of Anaheim doesn't have the ability to track revenue specific to an area of Anaheim. Ruiz states "We do not track revenues or expenditures by area of the City."

How then can SOAR claim that more then 50% of the city's tax revenue comes from the Anaheim Resort District when there is no way to track it?