The Anaheim City Council majority VOTES NO on democracy!

Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, and Harry Sidhu voted NO on allowing residents to vote on future TOT subsidies to developers. Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, and Harry Sidhu voted NO on redistricting. The council majority claims to support redistricting but wants to spend time to make sure they get it right. Otherwise known as stalling.


Here is an excerpt from an excellent article by Joe Hill at The Liberal OC which sheds light on Kris Murray's plan:

"Murray’s plan is simple, form a commission to study the electoral process in Anaheim so that they can ask the court to do nothing while they study the issue. Then in two years, once they’ve dragged the discussion on and on through a seemingly endless process of review,  they can put a Charter Amendment on the ballot in November of 2014 to establish districts in 2016. In effect they will give themselves another four years to continue the process of lining the pockets of Kris Murray and  Gail Eastman’s developer buddies with free money from the taxpayers of Anaheim. Gail Eastman and Kris Murray figure that if they can get time to implant their ally, and SOAR poodle,  Jordan Brandman on the council in November, they’ll have an effective majority to maintain business as usual  for at least two, and possibly four, more years."

I personally was more dismayed (to put it lightly) that the council voted down a ballot initiative to let the people vote on future TOT subsidies. Harry Sidhu lied repeatdly during his comments (more to come once video is available), Kris Murray spun her web of deception with her eloquent ramblings, and Gail Eastman essentially told voters she knew better than them. I will be posting video outlining their positions and our response as soon as the video is posted by the city. The council majorities decisions last night were met with BOOS and folks yelling from their seats with such remarks as:

To Gail Eastman "stay in Michigan"

To the Council Majority "recall"

The next step folks is to make sure Jordan Brandman and Steve Lodge don't make it onto council. If that were to happen, God save Anaheim.

READERS: please e-mail council members Eastman and Murray to let them know how you feel.