Latino leader Amin David denounces Jordan Brandman

Anaheim resident, business owner, latino leader, and former Los Amigos President Amin David denounced Jordan Brandman at an Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) board meeting on February 16, 2012.

Jordan Brandman voted to defer developer fees to his business cronies working on GardenWalk and the Platinum Triangle. This robbed the students of AUHSD of a vital stream of revenue.

This was the first time Jordan Brandman supported the giveaway of our tax dollars. Jordan Brandman went on to voice his SUPPORT of  $158 milllion in tax subsidies to the GardenWalk hotel develoepr Bill O'Connell.

After voting to defer the developer fees that should have gone to AUHSD students, Jordan Brandman received the Red Tape to Red Carpet award from the Orange County Business Council.

Here is Jordan Brandman accepting his award for diverting funds away from AUHSD students and into the hands of developers. Only in Anaheim do corrupt politicians receive awards for their unethical behavior.