$$ Anaheim's History of Giveaways

While our neighborhoods have been crumbling, the city has been giving away our TOT to special interests for years. The $158 million TOT subsidy that Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, and Harry Sidhu approved is just the largest in our history.

1995 Honda Center

The City of Anaheim raised the TOT 1% to cover site acquisition. If the venue doesn't make over $12 million in a given year, the city gets nothing in terms of revenue. Since 2007 the city budget states the city has received no revenue from the Honda Center. Why can't we raise the TOT again to improve our neighborhoods?

1996 Angel Stadium

$20 million in RDA and the city turned over parking, tickets, concessions and onsite advertising to fund improvements to the stadium. Wonder who benefitted from this? Was it perhaps Disney?

1996 Disneyland Resort Improvements

Use of TOT and other taxes - agreement for 30 years. (ongoing research to find out how much is being spent)

2001 GardenWalk Agreement

City of Anaheim agrees to give away 50% of sales tax revenue to GW for 30 years.

2011 Convention Center Grand Plaza


City of Anaheim spent $20 million of our TOT for the development of a plaza. $20 million that should have gone to improve the residents lives instead was spent on concrete, a fountain, and some palm trees.