Dr. Jose Moreno - Disney Gate Tax?

A gate tax levied on all Disney tickets purchased has been proposed before here in the City of Anaheim. It would create a stream of revenue that could be directed back into the neighborhoods.

Dr. Jose Moreno

Anaheim City School District Board member

President of Los Amigos of Orange County

Currently the only revenue of significance that comes from the Disneyland Resort is TOT or Transient Occupancy Tax. TOT is charged to guests staying at resort district hotels and helps fund Anaheim's general fund. None of the TOT funds are earmarked to help the community directly whereas a gate tax would be. I would go as far as to say this tax should be applied to tickets to events at the Honda Center and Angel Stadium as well.

It is about time the business community started giving back to the residents of Anaheim. If the Disneyland Resort is  such an "economic engine," why does our city look far worse then surrounding communities who don't have a resort district?