Jordan Brandman - $158 million Giveaway

We finally uncovered the 2nd time Jordan Brandman went on the record to support the $158 million GardenWalk hotel scam. Jordan Brandman makes the ridiculous argument that somehow these hotels will benefit the city in the same way the Honda Center, Convention Center, and Angel Stadium have. My sources report that the city makes nothing or at the very least only breaks even on the Honda Center, Angel Stadium, and Convention Center (more to come).

For example, this breakdown of the Honda Center performance measures shows no profits were made by the City of Anaheim from 2007-2010. But I'm sure Henry Samueli made a hefty sum as the operator of the Honda Center. Once again public/private partnerships are nothing more then corporate welfare scams for the OC elite.

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Jordan Brandman also goes on and on about the low income jobs the hotel will provide for the graduates of AUHSD. Jordan Brandman certainly has high expectation for the students of AUHSD.