Murray & Sidhu - Web of Deceit

During the council comments regarding the TOT ballot initiative, Giveaway 3 members Harry Sidhu and Kris Murray flat out lied to the residents of Anaheim. Thankfully Mayor Tom Tait called Harry Sidhu out on his dishonesty.

LIE #1


LIE #3

Kris Murray goes on to LIE to an individual on her Facebook Fan Page regarding the specifics of the TOT ballot initiative. Kris Murray states below that the amendment to the charter would "permanently prohibit economic assistance in Anaheim." That is a a LIE. The TOT ballot initiative would only change the charter to allow the voters to approve future TOT giveaways to hotel developers only. It does NOT permanently prohibit economic assitance. 

Harry Sidhu and Kris Murray are listed as a supporters of Jordan Brandman's campaign.

Mayor Tom Tait has declined to support or endorse Jordan Brandman. Jordan Brandman seems to enjoy the company of politicians of unethical persuasions.