Curt Pringle is Jordan Brandman's "mentor"

Curt Pringle is pictured in the background of this image of Jordan Brandman.

I wanted to share a two-part series on our former Mayor Curt Pringle by a writer from the Voice of OC. This will give you more insight into the backdoor dealings happening at City Hall. Jordan Brandman has called Curt Pringle his "mentor."

But before you read on, let's throw out a few facts:

1. Curt Pringle endorsed Gail Eastman, Kris Murray, Jordan Brandman, and Steve Lodge.

2. Curt Pringle and his staff have given generously to all of their campaigns.

3. Curt Pringle's lobbying firm represented the GardenWalk Hotel developers that were given up to $158 million dollars in TOT subsidies.

Here is the two-part story: