Jordan Brandman's whisper campaign targets Mayor Tait

 "Resistance is Futile"

Anaheim Colony neighbors attending a monthly Anaheim Colony Potluck the day after our story on Gail Eastman broke, are reporting that Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman were starting a whisper campaign against Mayor Tait

What misinformations were Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman spreading about Mayor Tait?

Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman were insinuating that Mayor Tait was behind the riots last week in front of Anaheim City Hall. Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman insinuated that Mayor Tait is actively involved with Take Back Anaheim which is spearheading an effort to allow the voters to approve any future TOT giveaways. Take Back Anaheim supporters are RUMORED to have been involved with egging folks outside Anaheim City Hall before the riots last week.

What's the truth?

1. Mayor Tait supports placing an initiative on the ballot that would allow residents to vote on future TOT giveaways.

2. Mayor Tait signed the petition in favor of the ballot initiative that Take Back Anaheim is supporting.

3. Mayor Tait has had NO involvement with Take Back Anaheim other then signing the petition.

I'd like to point out that some of the folks wishing to be heard on the police shooting matter couldn't get into chambers due to the overwhelming amount of union workers there supporting the TOT giveaway. Those union members were ASKED to be there by Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, Harry Sidhu, SOAR, OCBC, and all the other folks who approve of the giveaway of our tax money.

Sadly, these union members are just being used as a tool to spin the story. 'Cause we all know that it's all about JOBS, right? Wrong. The GardenWalk deal was signed in May of 2009 (over 3 years ago) and Bill O'Connell hasn't even broken ground yet. By the time these hotels are built, the recession will be over. I don't know about my readers, but if work in my industry dried up, I'd get re-educated in a new profession and find work elsewhere, and not grovel at Anaheim City Council meetings asking for a hand out. Not to mention the fact that there is NO provision in the agreement that forces the developer to use local workers or pay the prevailing wage. 

Why would Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman make such statements?

Overall this is just another attempt by Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman to smear Mayor Tait's reputation because he didn't bow to SOAR, OCBC, OCTAX, DISNEY, and all the other special interest groups out to fleece the residents of Anaheim for the benefit of their wealthy contributors. It might also be retaliation for Mayor Tait dropping his endorsement of Jordan Brandman.