DISNEY can't keep their hands off Councilwoman Kris Murray

Here is a series of photos showing just how close Disney lobbyist Carrie Nocella is with Anaheim City Council member Kris Murray. Special thanks to Anaheim Colony members for providing these photos.

Disney's lobbyist Carrie Nocella sits on the board of several groups that contributed and/or helped Kris Murray get elected in 2010. I've also included the amounts they spent on Kris Murray's campaign in 2010.

Orange County Business Council's (OCBC) PAC Board of Trustees + OCBC Advocacy and Government Affairs Commitee with Kris Murray.

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OC Taxpayers Association PAC Governing Board Member 


Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

$65,013+ for voter guides featuring Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, and Tom Tait.

SOAR Advisory Committee Member



How are Carrie Nocella and Disney connected to Jordan Brandman?

Well in addition to the campagin contributions, we have these photos to share (provided by Anaheim Colony residents):