Jordan Brandman wants JOBS

Jordan Brandman and his supporters claim that the GardenWalk Hotel project is needed to stimulate job growth in Anaheim.

The truth is that the GardenWalk developers entered into the original TOT agreement on May 26, 2009 and then AMENDED it on August 24, 2010 to give them 2 more years to complete the project.

It's now over 3 years later and construction on the project STILL hasn't begun. By the time construction begins, the recession more then likely will be over.

I predict Bill O'Connell will come back to council this year asking for another extension to complete the project and want not just 80% of the TOT but 100%. After all, Bill O'Connell needs to create jobs for the community that may or may not happen sometime in the distant future. It has nothing to do with greed and corporate welfare.

Bill O'Connell already owns 5 hotels in the Disneyland Resort area. Here is a link to his vast hotel portfolio:

Are you telling me he can't use his own personal wealth to build these hotels on his own? Are you telling me he can't get credit to build a hotel adjacent to Disneyland? But why try either of those avenues when you can take tax revenue from the residents of Anaheim.

The job's rhetoric is just a way for Jordan Brandman, Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, and Harry Sidhu to spin the story.