Gail Eastman's supposed APOLOGY

-Gail Eastman, riding off with our democracy, pictured above-

"Shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, following a contentious and emotional city council meeting, I sent an email to the Colony residents' email group thanking my neighbors for attending the city council meeting," she wrote. "In the email, I used a common phrase that was perceived as inappropriate and insensitive in light of the serious issues going on in our city right now. Very simply, it was late, I was exhausted and it was the wrong choice of words. For that, I sincerely apologize to those who were offended."

Her comments were not perceived as inappropriate or insensitive, they WERE inappropriate and insensitive. Then she goes on to make excuses such as "it was late," and "I was exhausted." I don't know about my readers but when I am tired and exhausted I don't make inflammatory comments towards disenfranchised individuals.

I think Gail Eastman needs to RESIGN along with Kris Murray and Harry Sidhu! Gail Eastman and the 'Giveaway 3' only have a record of representing the interests of their connected and wealthy contributors.

To learn more about Kris Murray and Gail Eastman's connection to Jordan Brandman visit: