Orange County Business Council tries to silence Anaheim residents - updated

From article:

“A lack of focus on jobs creation at the statewide level requires a greater effort locally. The Anaheim City Council has voted correctly in the past on these jobs-creating projects.  They must continue to do so and vote ‘no’ on delaying tactics that kill jobs,” said Jim Adams, of the LA/OC Building Trades Council.

This rehetoric has been heard before. This isn't about jobs, it is about enriching the wealthy developers who have bought off Murray, Eastman, and Sidhu.

Has OCBC supported Jordan Brandman and Steve Lodge's campaigns?

Yes, OCBC has already given $1800 to Jordan Brandman and Steve Lodge's campaigns to ensure that they both support OCBC/Disney's agenda if elected.

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OCBC also gave over $1700 to both Kris Murray and Harry Sidhu in 2010.

Is Disney involved with OCBC?

Yes, Disney's lobbyist Carrie Nocella sits on BIZPAC the OCBC's PAC. Here is Carrie Nocella getting cozy with Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman.

How much money has Disney contributed to OCBC? 

$20,000 in 2012 alone. 

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 Is Jordan Brandman's family involved with OCBC?

Yes, his father Michael Brandman's firm has contributed to OCBC.

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Picture below is head of the OCBC Lucy Dunn with 'Giveaway 3' members Kris Murray and Harry Sidhu. I'm sure they can't wait for Jordan to take Harry's spot so the giveaways can continue.