Lake Forest overturns sex-offender ban.

Kris Murray's ill conceived ban on sex offenders in Anaheim parks may cost the city thousands in litigation costs if contested. Lake Forest is currently facing a federal lawsuit that could cost the city $250,000. The ban has already been deemed illegal and the Lake Forest city council has voted to repeal the ban.

Kris Murray
Kris Murray

I am obviously not advocating for sex offenders but this ban is nothing more then a feel food piece of legislation to make Kris Murray look good. It is not enforceable and now may cost Anaheim residents thousands if a suit is brought forth.

So lets look at the Kris Murray's tally of wasteful spending:

1. $158 million on the Garden Walk Hotel giveaway

2. $300+ million on Disney's streetcar system when a bus system would only cost $50+ million

3. Thousands in legal fees fighting the ACLU lawsuit instead of settling. 

4. Potentially thousands to fight litigation due to her park sex offender ban.